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Python crawler, using beautiful soup crawler to a company ", in the paging etc....

Python stock k line graph

Python 2.7 + wxPython rendering stock k line graph, extracting stock return data to the excel file from Sina...

Python Go program

Python + wxPython to do a small go program, and gnugo on the war....

Python implementation of Kalman filter tracking

An implementation if kalman filter in Python with numpy. It is good for learning....

Python - OBDII - Torque Lite Simulator

Python sample script for testing Mobile Phones OBDII - Simulates your vehicle when used with Torque Lite on Android device...

Python - OBDII Simulator for Fun2Drive

Python OBDII Simulator to be used to test Fun2Drive Android App...

Python Simple Chat App

Small Python chat application peer to peer using TCP/IP sockets to transmit the messages. Created to be a exercise for fixation of sockets and threading modules.  It was intended to be used by N machines in a network, and being capable of writing and printing messages at the screen at sam...

Python example

BOARD_SIZE = 8 def under_attack(col, queens): left = right = col for r, c in reversed(queens): left, right = left - 1, right + 1 if c in (left, col, right): return True return False def solve(n): if n == 0: return [[]] smaller_solutions = solve(n - 1) return [solution+[(n,i+1)] for...

Python c example precision test

import random guesses_made = 0 name = raw_input('Hello! What is your name?\n') number = random.randint(1, 20) print 'Well, {0}, I am thinking of a number between 1 and 20.'.format(name) while guesses_made < 6: guess = int(raw_input('Take a guess: ')) guesses_made += 1 if guess < numb...

Python pachong

Python pachong  Web crawler tool for enterprises to provide data products Web crawler tool for enterprises to provide data products Web crawler tool, mainly for businesses...

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